Corona Status Tamilnadu(10-05-2020)

Till now 2,43,037 samples have been taken and sent for testing.
COVID-19 testing is done in 37 Government and 16 Private labs all over
Tamil Nadu. 7,204 persons have tested positive till date. 2,35,157 samples
were tested negative. Testing of 676 samples are under process. 10,669
samples are repeat samples. 1,959 COVID-19 positive patients have been
discharged following treatment till today. Hence, 5,195 active cases are
under treatment as on today.

Death details:

  • Death Case No.45: A 74 years old Male from Chengalpattu, admitted on 08.05.2020 in Chengalpattu MCH, died on 08.05.2020 at 12.20 PM, tested positive today.
  • Death Case No.46: A 59 years old male with Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus & Coronary Artery Disease from Chennai, admitted on 07.05.2020 in Stanley MCH, died on 10.05.2020 at 02.30 AM.
  • Death Case No.47: A 55 years old male with Chronic Kidney Disease, Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus & Systemic Hypertension from Thiruvallur, admitted on 04.05.2020 in Kilpauk MCH, died on 09.05.2020 at 01.20 AM tested positive today.

The general public are advised to adhere to health advisories and
travel advisories issued by the state Government. Public should follow the
cough etiquette by covering the face using handkerchief / towel while
sneezing/ coughing. Do frequent hand washing with soap and water.

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