Love @ First Sight: by Pavithra Rao

I was a guy who believed even first bench students enjoy as back bench do. Staffs will have good opinion so u can utilize it to do other stuffs to have fun. College life was live heaven. This was the time I met her for first time.

That day I was called by principal so went to his block. There I met her for first time. Er..! my heart skipped a beat.. such a Gorgeous gal… bluish green salwar- just like peacock. It was admission time so wished she will join my dept.. No matter if she joins other dept, my heart said she is mine. I don’t wanna miss her. I heard my name called again, Ah- came to my sense. Turn to meet principal, along with me entered other departments student representative. Once meeting was over, came out of his room.

          Oh! This gal was missing. Eyes searched for her, but couldn’t see her. Her face registered in mine. even after reaching home couldn’t come out of it. Left with no clue to find her. couldn’t share with anyone too… bcoz I was the guy who doesn’t believe in love at first sight till I met her. but now I have no idea wat am going through. Days passed.. Weeks passed… I was slowly coming out of it.

Semester arrived, kept everything beside and gave my best… vacation.. hangout … masti.. college reopened. We were super seniors now.. Yea.. final year.. our rules… our gang… our life.! As usual first hour lecture started with principal and HOD. The next hour was network class.. HOD already said new staff has joined who gonna handle network for us. Professor entered the class. I missed my another beat (this was the second time I met her). It was she… Ria… whom I met few weeks back in office room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. yet gorgeous. This time in black saree. She was so stylish. I can’t take my eyes off her.


கல்மரம் (திலகவதி)
இலவசமாக |  இ – புத்தகம் “காசு வச்சிங்கிறயாம்மா?” என்று தூக்கம் கலையாத குரலில் கேட்டபடியே …
அச்சமின்மையே ஆரோக்கியம்!
அக்பரிடம் ஒருவர் சவால் விட்டார். என் வேலைக்காரன் நல்லா சாப்பிடுவான் அவனை ஒரு மாதம் வைத்திருந்து …

8 thoughts on “Love @ First Sight: by Pavithra Rao”

  1. Lavan says:

    Nice story

    1. Princy says:

      Portrayed about a person was so gud.
      I like the modulation of the expression.

      1. Pavithra Rao says:

        Thank you Princy😘

    2. Pavithra Rao says:

      Thanks Lavan😘

  2. Nattiya says:

    Awesome Pavi

    1. Pavithra Rao says:

      Thanks Nattiya😘

  3. Sanjayani says:

    Cute story… I just loved reading it😘

    1. Pavithra Rao says:

      Thanks Babe😘

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