Creating the New Reno2 was a Journey. We Spoke to its Designers for the Stories Behind its Creation

The previous Reno Series centered on creativity and brought a brand-new flagship product experience to consumers around the world, with strong sales backed by a solid reputation. Now, OPPO Reno2 brings many breakthrough upgrades in product design, photo and video, delivering an amazing experience. However, OPPO spent nearly a year working hard on the Reno2. What did the researchers do and what were their considerations in the project design? We interviewed its creators about the story behind OPPO Reno2.

Soulful Design Aesthetics

Nowadays, smartphones are getting more and more alike, with similar color schemes that no longer excite consumers. Thanks to OPPO’s relentless exploration of the color design for phones, OPPO Reno2 is easily recognizable among smartphones with its unique colorings.

“The ‘Twilight Mist’ color scheme takes influence from the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Light looks different when seen through different mediums, like the deep ocean, the earth’s surface, mountains, mist, and sunglow,” explained Qiu Kai, an OPPO Reno2 Product Manager. “‘Mist’ has also been part of OPPO’s design DNA since the popular R series. Through the combination of mist and shadow, we created the unique design style of the Reno series.”

In addition to the eye-catching color design, OPPO has increasingly diversified its technology. With solid materials and advanced nano-texture layering technology, OPPO Reno2 fully maximizes technological design.

“OPPO Reno2 has 2 colors including Luminous Black, and Ocean Blue, with all inheriting the matte texture of the previous generation, which achieves an illuminating effect when viewed from a specific angle. The mist gradient and more flowing neon color can be fully shown in the light, which perfectly explains OPPO’s aesthetic expression – the dream-like ‘Twilight Mist’.”

OPPO’s attention to design aesthetics has enabled the brand’s smartphones to stand out from other lifeless products on the market.

 “The Reno2’s customized wallpaper themes highlights not only the soul of the phone but also how OPPO conveys its aesthetics. In order to communicate with users better, OPPO cooperated with world-renowned art institutions and invited 30 artists to jointly produce the theme wallpaper of the Color OS 6.1 system,” said Xu Shaofei, an OPPO Process Engineer.

New Screen Tech means Safety, Convenience and Performance

With the maturity of DC dimming technology, many mobile phone manufacturers’ phone screens have changed from PWM dimming to DC dimming.

 “Many mobile brands are aware that DC dimming is more beneficial to users’ health, yet this user-friendly solution also means a weaker screen display and shorter life, so many mobile phone brands use a combination. We made a trade-off, and finally compromised the use of PWM dimming,” explained Qiu Kai. “The OPPO team has finally broken through the technical bottleneck. The DC dimming mode offers higher contrast and better color display for eyes, plus it’s thinner and more flexible. OPPO Reno2 also comes with Full Care Display Certification by TüV Rheinland, which filters out more than 37.5% harmful blue light – which is harmful to users’ eyesight – when in eye protection mode, compared to the last generation of Reno.”

In order to offer users a better experience, engineers of OPPO Reno2 dabbled with screen display materials. “We had to use the best materials in the industry to allow users to use the Reno2 under direct sunlight. Different from other OPPO phones, OPPO Reno2 adopts the same E3 luminescent material as the Samsung Galaxy S10. This offers impressively longer life and a higher brightness that lead the industry, covering 97% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.”

Intense Testing and Research lead to Outstanding Video Features

In order to make a product popular with users, the team first had to consider changes in user preferences, supply chain capabilities and the development of the wider mobile phone industry – only then could we figure out an ideal product design based on these factors.

“We did large-scale user research before getting project approval for the Reno2. We conducted a large number of surveys on users’ core needs and found that demand for high-quality video shooting is the highest,”said Qiu Kai. “Analyzing internet trends, we also found that in the era of user-generated content, with the outbreak of short video Apps such as Tik Tok, users are eager to capture and share video daily, meaning that competition for smartphones is no longer limited to still photos; it’s naturally spread to video.”

 “We realized that the problem that users are most likely to encounter on a daily basis is shaking. Most of the smartphones on the market today use either optical image stabilization (OIS) or electrical image stabilization (EIS), meaning that most vloggers still have to ensure video stability with a camera head or stand most of the time.”

 “After learning of this, we held countless trials and visiting dozens of suppliers, finally overcoming the difficult problem of shaky video. Now, the recognition accuracy, stability and video effect continuity of the phone have been significantly improved, and the Reno2’s combination of OIS + EIS dual anti-shake function now leads the industry.”

“We tested it in extreme scenarios like roller coasters, bungee jumping, skydiving, and more. Most of the team were exhausted from the 3-4 days of research, but in order to effectively test the handset, we had to go beyond the endurance of ordinary people.”

OPPO also needed to consider much more in developing a comprehensive and powerful video phone. OPPO Reno2 supports the portrait blur function for both selfie and main cameras, allowing you to stand out from the crowd with movie-like quality while weakening the background environment. It’s also one of the few mobile phones currently available with a triple mic noise reduction feature. Not only can this amplify sounds coming from the subject of the video but it can also clearly distinguish sounds from all directions to provide richer video sound effects.

Another key feature is Reno2’s Ultra Dark Mode. “Ultra Dark Mode provides a delicate and layered picture even in low light. It realizes AI noise reduction with a powerful Qualcomm 730G NPU, which greatly shortens the processing time in night mode. The imaging of a single photo only needs 2-2.5 seconds. What’s more, it can recognize low light environments below 5 lux, automatically entering Ultra Dark Mode to ensure you get a bright, rich photo in the dark with its fine-tuned AI algorithms, allowing users to better capture the beauty of night.”

Making Better Products with Creativity

The birth of Reno2 can be seen as another breakthrough of OPPO for the entire mobile phone industry. Creating the handset was a journey that required boundless imagination and creativity, and we believe that OPPO Reno2 will definitely deliver on its promises. Its technologies will also become a powerful driving force for the advancement of the broader industry, bringing better products to consumers.